50 things to do in Dublin


Big news! We’ve just made a new jar.

Final photo.png

Our story

My girlfriend is Parisian. She moved to Dublin in 2016 and was a little distraught at the thought of leaving her wonderful bread filled homeland. Oh she liked Dublin alright. But to really make her fall in love with the place, I made a jar for her, filled with 50 things to do, to eat, to learn, to see, to discover. The more people saw it and admired it, the more we thought - ‘let’s make this a real thing’.

There are five categories of activity in the jar; Outdoor, Food, Art & Culture, History and Pubs with ten of each category to discover.

The beauty of the jar is the element of surprise. Depending on what kind of activity you’re looking for, choose a colour and from there it’s up to you to go and explore. Or pick several activities and have a big Dublin day out.

The 50 things were chosen by us and some of our closest friends who know and love Dublin. Your goal is to finish all 50!

Thanks to the incredible Fatti Burke for making my original creation look so beautiful.

Damien & Elodie